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Functional Richness is computed as the volume of the convex hull from all included traits.


fd_fric(traits, sp_com, stand = FALSE)



Trait matrix with species as rows and traits as columns. It has to contain exclusively numerical values. This can be either a matrix, a data.frame, or a Matrix::Matrix() object.


Site-species matrix with sites as rows and species as columns if not provided, the function considers all species with equal abundance in a single site. This can be either a matrix, a data.frame, or a Matrix::Matrix() object.


a boolean indicating whether to standardize FRic values over the observed maximum over all species (default: FALSE). This scales FRic between 0 and 1. NB: The maximum FRic values only considers species that are present in both site-species and trait matrices. If you want to consider species that are absent in the site-species matrix, add corresponding columns of 0s.


a data.frame with two columns:

  • site the names of the sites as the row names of the input sp_com,

  • FRic the values of functional richness at each site.

NB: FRic is equal to NA when there are strictly less species in a site than the number of provided traits.


By default, when loading fundiversity, the functions to compute convex hulls are memoised through the memoise package if it is installed. To deactivate this behavior you can set the option fundiversity.memoise to FALSE by running the following line: options(fundiversity.memoise = FALSE). If you use it interactively it will only affect your current session. Add it to your script(s) or .Rprofile file to avoid toggling it each time.


The computation of this function can be parallelized thanks to future::plan(). To get more information on how to parallelize your computation please refer to the parallelization vignette with: vignette("parallel", package = "fundiversity")


Cornwell W. K., Schwilk D. W., Ackerly D. D. (2006), A trait-based test for habitat filtering; convex hull volume, Ecology 84(6), doi: 10.1890/0012-9658(2006)87[1465:ATTFHF]2.0.CO;2


#>   site     FRic
#> 1   s1 230967.7